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About what I do

Hi my name is Lynne Cardinal. I grew up with 7 brothers so being the only girl I learned to sew from my grandmother as a young child. I started making doll clothes, stuffed animals and even embroidered designs on clothes. My love for sewing then starting blossoming and over the years I had taken sewing classes and have expanded my love of sewing.

Featured: Baby Items

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When I first discovered I was pregnant I started sewing baby clothes and items. I make baby clothes, blankets, crib sets, diaper covers and many more. Many items are custom made and are personalized.


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With 3 daughters I wanted to do more. I have made dresses, short sets, costumes, pants and many more. Here again I can custom make and personalize each item. I had enjoyed dressing my girls either in the same style or just the same colors and different style. I have made those special outfits for birthdays and holidays.


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I make one of a kind birthday shirt. Each are personalized with the age, child's name and favorite character. I can match your party theme and have made the matching shirts for siblings and parents both. These are custom made for each individual and can be matched with tutus, skirts or pants.


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Need that special Halloween, Christmas, what ever holiday it is I can make it special and one of a kind. Here again I can add embroidery to any outfit for that special one of a kind. I also can help with those special household items to make them festive for that right holiday as well. I have made towels sets for the perfect wedding gift for the bride and groom as well.

Embroidery of Personal Items

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I started embroidering characters on my baby brother's clothes. The more I did the more I would do for others as well. Today with more experience and better machines I can embroider almost anything from backpacks, totes, shirts, clothes, and much more.


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I have had always enjoyed making things for my own home. I love giving it those special touches. I can make personalized towels, matching shower curtains, table scarves, curtains, drapes, pillows, quilts, blankets, chair covers, dresses and many more.

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